Hi, I’m Jen. I’m a qualified and fully accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist who graduated over 10 years ago. I became a Naturopath because I believed there was more to health than the conventional medical model. I always knew I would work in the health/science field because of my fascination with the complex structure of the human body. I had my first appointment with a Naturopath nearly 20 years ago, to resolve my immune and hormone problems, and so began my journey into an ever growing and rewarding career. 

My goal is to help you get better and to provide you with the knowledge and the tools to stay that way. We all know that a healthy diet is important for good health. But did you know that our digestive system not only plays a key role in breaking down the food we eat and helping to absorb nutrients? Our gut microbiome is involved in many other important processes beyond your gut, such as metabolism, body weight, immune regulation and brain function. Digestive health is at the root of many health issues and optimising gut function can therefore have a powerful impact on your general wellbeing. 

I have a background in corporate events and project management, so part of my expertise are in managing stress and improving energy levels, weight management and prevention of complex conditions for those working in high-stress environments. More and more I see the effect lifestyle and routine has on people, I’m a busy mum and I get it. Stress, poor eating choices and sedentary lifestyles can be connected with so many illnesses, from asthma, eczema and metabolic disorders to other serious chronic diseases. Whether your issues are caused by stress or not, I can help guide you to get your health on track.

I provide tailored Naturopathy services in the Eltham area that incorporate science-based natural health care, including nutritional medicine, functional medicine and testing, herbal medicine and health education. Why? Because it works. And because, after seeing close family members and friends being diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, I wanted to find out why this was happening and if there was anything I could do to help stop it from happening in the first place. I also wanted to find out how I could help to manage side effects of their medications and help to prevent any recurrence. 

My approach to life is a balanced one. I love to cook using food as medicine, and I also enjoy a great sweat session at the gym or a long hike in the mountains. I like to educate my clients on how to eat and exercise for wellness yet still maintain the joy and satisfaction that we love about food and living.

If I sound like someone you’d like to work with, and you are ready to commit to making positive changes to your health, please feel free to make an appointment. If you are unsure if I can help, you can call or send me a message to discuss your situation.



Qualifications + Memberships

Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) Naturopathy –Southern School of Natural Therapies

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Biology – LaTrobe University

Member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Member of the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)

Holds a current Working with Children certificate

Current First Aid 

Registered provider with Australia’s major Private Health Funds